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Utility costs, sustainability initiatives, and budget constraints are all on the rise. This creates a pressing need for better, data-driven insight into the performance of buildings, which are responsible for the majority of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Beyond the technology to capture and report data, however, facility owners need the right expertise to translate information into actions that deliver measurable energy, environmental and economic gains.

Attune Advisory Services is powered by the cutting-edge technology you’ve come to expect from Honeywell and over 10,000 of the world's finest energy and automation experts. And it's these same experts that you'll be working with as you determine how to best save energy, time and money in your facility.

How you utilize their skills is up to you. Attune Advisory Services offers three levels of service that go beyond typical energy management metrics software: Awareness, Improvement, and Optimization. Each level has programs that focus on either energy or operational efficiency.


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Clear results driven by the cloud.

Optimization of building performance is a journey, and our energy and automation experts are ready to expand and grow with you, as well as guide you through the process wherever you are in the world. We not only compile your building’s information for you; we walk you through that information — showing you where improvements can be made and giving you recommendations to deliver the greatest return on investment. It’s a process backed by Honeywell technology and our 10,000-plus global energy and automation experts.

Plus, we leverage a variety of cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies, which help make the necessary connections while keeping costs low and performance and security high. We are committed to protecting your business’ privacy by utilizing advanced IT technology, encryption, firewalls, storage, robust processes, redundancy and access management that is backed by decades of demonstrated results in mission-critical environments.

For further information on what Attune Advisory Services can do for you, see the Attune Overview Video.

Energy savings made easy.

Effectively managing your energy and operational efficiency is crucially important. It's impossible to do that effectively without proper, accurate measurement. We can help you take that first step. Our Energy Awareness Dashboard makes that easier. Once you've started down the energy efficiency path, communicate your progress through a Lobby Signage program.

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Making informed choices in relation to your business and operational goals is paramount. And, through Energy Improvement, our experts will provide you with Operations and Energy Optimization Reports that give you the necessary information to make those critical decisions.

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To ensure optimal efficiency, you’ll need an ongoing review of your equipment, systems, and practices for the long term. We offer your organization savings from top to bottom.

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Innovative building management solutions.

This approach starts with responding to BMS alarms on site, informing you of the results of the alarm and, if necessary, investigate, reset, and restart service.

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A more proactive approach means that our experts provide you with regular analysis of your automation system and remotely patrol controller events, trends, and settings.

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It’s important that your building is running at optimum efficiency. Here, we provide regular analysis of your building’s performance and review mechanical, thermal, and energy events and trends.

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