Building management solutions that solve problems.

Attune Advisory Services—Operations is an innovative program to supplement your building’s maintenance services and intelligently address building management, so your facilities are always running at optimum levels.

State-of-the-art technology connects our global team of experts to your building or business. And, like our Energy services, we offer three levels of expertise: Awareness, Improvement, and Optimization.

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Awareness collects data from your building management systems and presents it to you in an easy-to-understand format. Using an advanced web-based monitoring and troubleshooting system, we keep a 24-hour watch by trending kWh data (where available) and demand alarms, as well as assess HVAC equipment runtime and set points. This program interprets and presents information so you’re able to monitor your building systems and discover peak-use times and areas, variances and anomalies easily and efficiently.

Improvement turns awareness into actions using a proactive outbound building automation analysis to detect out-of-specification controllers, failed sensors, diagnostic errors, bypasses, and failed commands. The subsequent report will offer you the critical information you need to make informed decisions about the operations of your buildings. You'll also receive greater access to the consultation and support of our global experts through secure, remote monitoring, tracking and response to abnormal findings, 24 hours a day.

Our Optimization level allows customers to utilize our team of global experts in real time through our Global Service Response Center. Using their Building HVAC Mechanical Efficiency Analysis, our experts are able to offer insight into the health of the building and its systems. They will also evaluate data patterns against other controls to identify and predict operational issues needing immediate action. This proactive approach makes it easier for you to improve your building’s efficiency and save on additional energy expenditures.

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