` Honeywell Fire Alarm Services in the UK

Fire Alarm Services, UK

Honeywell Fire Alarm Services in the UK

As the largest provider of installation and maintenance services for Gent by Honeywell products, Honeywell Building Solutions is your ideal fire systems partner. Our engineers provide a consistent national coverage; this allows us not only to provide high levels of service to small and medium size businesses across the country, but also to nationwide organisations (such as retail and hotel chains) as well as huge sites such as universities and airports.

When customers require it, we also provide fire systems that are fully integrated with security and building management systems, allowing entire facilities to be managed through a single PC with automated cause and effect programming. You can find out more about these converged solutions here, or read more here about our project to install the UK’s largest fire alarm system in Heathrow Terminal 5.

Our thousands of smaller customers across the UK benefit from the skills and capabilities that allow us to provide and maintain these large and complex systems. We ensure that our customers’ systems comply with regulatory requirements. We also provide rapid response and remote monitoring capabilities giving our customers the confidence that their system is looked after by the Honeywell experts.

If you have project or service requirements or simply want to understand more about Honeywell Building Solutions, call us on 03333 455 499 during normal working hours or look at our web site here.

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